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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweet Tomatoes for Healthy Eating

My Salad
I discovered Sweet Tomatoes several months ago as I was looking for healthy options to eating out in the area. It was receiving nice reviews for the salad bar so I tried it out and found it to be perfect for what I was wanting. As you enter, you are greeted by a long two-sided salad bar with a host of ingredients. Six different lettuce mixes, lots of vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, pasta sides, and meat toppings were plentiful. It was nice to see several different proteins offered including turkey and ham, bacon, black beans, kidney beans, and chick peas. I was even a bit surprised to see julienne butternut squash and beets as two of the options.
Veggie Bean and Barley
In addition to the salad bar, there were eight soup options including two low-fat offerings of turkey noodle with whole wheat noodles and vegetable bean and barley stew. I opted for the bean and barley stew and found it to have a nice variety of vegetables including chunks of tomato, carrots, corn, and of course the beans and barley. The broth had a thick consistency, exactly what you would expect for something labeled a "stew." They have a nice pasta bar which included several different types of noodles and sauces, as well as a few bread options. Since I was tried to "eat healthy" I bypassed the breads and the pasta for this time around, but this area of the restaurant was definitely getting a lot of diners.
Banana Crunch & Bran Muffins

Their bakery offered assorted pastries and muffins, though not nearly as many options as offered with the soups and salad. It was nice to see two low-fat options with the fat free cranberry orange muffin, the whole wheat banana crunch muffin, and the bran muffin. The banana crunch muffin had lots of flavor with a nice dense muffin consistency. The bran muffin was nothing special yielding little flavor and having a very dry consistency. They also have some fresh fruit, though it only consisted of grapes, bananas and oranges when I was there. Not sure if this is typical or if these are rotated on a regular basis.
Overall, I anticipate this to be a regular stop for me since I can fill up on low-calorie soup and salad containing high-quality, fresh ingredients. There are two locations - one is Crestwood and the other in Creve Couer. Before you go, check online for dining coupons as these are easy to find for Sweet Tomatoes.

Ratings Summary:
Yelp - 3.5 (out of 5)
Google - 20 (out of 30)
urbanspoon - 83% Likes

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